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This painting attempts to provide a faithful image more consistent with historical accounts of the Book of Mormon Translation, perhaps the first such depiction by a Latter-day Saint artist.  It shows Joseph Smith with his white hat, the Urim and Thummim placed inside, with the plates wrapped on a cloth on the table as Oliver Cowdery prepares to scribe.  Light pours in through the window to symbolize the heavenly flood of inspiration in this miraculous text.

 “Now the way he translated was he put the urim and thummim into his hat and Darkned his Eyes than he would take a sentance and it would apper in Brite Roman Letters. Then he would tell the writer and he would write it. Then that would go away the next sentance would Come and so on. . . . so we see it was marvelous. Thus was the hol [whole] translated.” – Joseph Knight Sr. 




PriceFrom $30.00
Excluding Sales Tax |
  • A “Paper Print” is a fine art reproduction printed on 80 lb. heavy weight matte paper using indigo ink (allow 1-2 weeks for delivery). 
  • A “Framed Canvas Mount” is a giclee fine art reproduction on canvas, professionally mounted on a masonite board, framed in a ¾” wide by 1 ½” deep frame. Choose a brown or black frame. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.  
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