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The Holy Covenants

Understand the major covenants of the temple endowment as a pattern of divine living.

The Holy Invitation

Understanding your sacred temple endowment.

The Holy Invitation book
Repicturing the restoration book

Repicturing The Restoration

25 new paintings to expand your understanding of the Restoration.

Seekers Wanted

Skills and frameworks to help you seek eternal knowledge, truth, and holiness.

Seekers Wanted book
Christ in Every Hour Book

Christ In Every Hour

Explore six of Christ's divine powers, and what they mean, why they're relevant, and what they can do for us as we live life each day.

Listen to 

If you like listening to Anthony speak, he narrates his own books that you can purchase as an audiobook here.

The Holy Covenants Book
The Holy Invitation Book
Seekers Wanted Book
Christ in Every Hour Book
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