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Image is 8"x8" acrylic and linocut oil press on board (2023)

Outside FRAMED dimensions are 9"x9"


To me, Joseph Smith is the seer of seers. Below is a piece of writing I did on the subject called "The Seer Saw," reflecting on that belief:   


The seer saw

Fire from heaven

A pillar of flame

Many angels

The Father and Son


The seer saw

A divine messenger

Bright beyond description

An ancient record

Truth reaching from the ground


The seer saw

A new covenant

Dispensations flowing together

Things that had never been

All things gathered in one


The seer saw

Divers Angels

Flying down to earth

Carrying keys, powers, and glories

Covenants and connections.


The seer saw

Zion, a new Jerusalem

A city of consecrated saints

Centered in the Lord’s temple

A selfless people of one heart and mind


The seer saw


The good news

Everyone saved by grace

Degrees of glory by law


The seer saw

The hosts of the dead

Who died without knowledge

Taught and vicariously redeemed

Justice and mercy through Christ


The seer saw

A kingdom of priests and priestesses

Kings and queens

A covenant people

After the holy order of God


The seer saw

A great network

Saints sealed to one another and God

Enabling eternal connection and interaction

The same sociality there as here, only with glory


The seer saw

A world redeemed

The Fall conquered

God’s kingdom established

The meek inheriting the earth


The question is:

Can we see?

Joseph the Seer No. 10

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Framed in a black 3/8" x 2" floating frame (total framed dimensions 6 and 1/8" wide  x 8 and 1/8" tall x 2" deep)

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