MORMONS: An Open Book

Answers to questions you really want to know, including…

  • Are Mormons Christians?
  • What happens inside LDS temples?
  • Do Mormons still practice plural marriage?
  • Do Mormons worship Joseph Smith?
  • Are Mormons told how to vote?
  • Why do Mormons have such big families?
  • What does it take to be a Mormon?
  • Do Mormons believe the Book of Mormon replaces the Bible?
  • Why don’t Mormons drink coffee or alcohol?
  • Why do Mormons baptize for the dead?
  • What is the message of Mormonism?

With the growth and exposure of Mormonism across the country and world, more and more people are curious about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although most Americans have an opinion about Mormonism, many of them admit they don t really know what Mormons actually believe. Using scriptures, quotes, facts, engaging visual images, and even some humor, this one-of-a-kind book is designed to openly explain the beliefs, practices, history, and culture of Mormonism. Chapters answer such questions as Are Mormons Christians? What Happens inside LDS Temples? and many more. Chapter address topics such as LDS beliefs about marriage and family, the position of women in the Church, and LDS views about politics and America. There are even sections that dispel some common myths and misconceptions about Mormonism. Written from the perspective of those who know and live the religion, the pages of Mormons: An Open Book invite you to come in, learn about, and better understand a growing body of faith in America and across the world: Mormonism

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